Frequently Asked Questions

Process and Policy

How do I get a quote?+

There are several ways to obtain a quote from your Party Perfect team!

1. You may fill out a quote request online and we will return the quote to you as soon as possible.
2. You may visit our showroom and we can give you our undivided attention and you will walk away with a full quote in hand – it’s best to make an appointment, if possible.
3. You may call and speak with one of our rental consultants and we can email you a quote within minutes.

How soon before my event should I place my reservation?+

We recommend you make your reservation at least three to six months prior to your event date for a large affair. To make a reservation, we ask for 30% of the total rental as a non-refundable down payment, and the balance is due 7 days prior to delivery or on the day of for a customer pickup.

Is there a refund for unused rental equipment?+

We do not issue refunds on unused rental equipment. Rental items and equipment are rented by time out, not time used.

What is a damage waiver?+

Party Perfect offers an optional damage waiver to protect you against accidental breakage or damage to our equipment. We add it to the rental charges, but it is not taxed. Please save and return all broken or damaged items (or take a picture to send us) so the waiver can be applied. A damage waiver does not cover missing items or negligence; we charge full replacement costs for equipment you do not return.

Why is there a damage waiver?+

Damage waiver is offered as an optional cost to protect the customer against accidental breakage or damage to equipment. (The customer must save and return all broken/damaged items, or take a picture, for the waiver to take effect. Damage waiver does not cover mildew.) A full replacement cost will be charged for any missing items.

You may also consider purchasing wedding or event insurance through your insurance provider. If Party Perfect is listed as an additional insured, the policy may replace our damage waiver.

How late can we adjust reservation quantities?+

Quantities can be adjusted up to 48 hours prior to pickup or delivery depending on availability of the products and the personnel. Please keep in mind that we pull our orders at least one day in advance and typically load our trucks the day prior to your delivery, so any last-minute changes could incur additional fees.

Are deposits refundable?+

The 30% down payment is NON-refundable.

Is there a minimum order for delivery?+

There is no minimum for deliveries.

Rental Item Questions

What are your showroom/warehouse hours?+

Please click here to view our current store hours. We highly recommend and encourage appointments to visit our showroom and play in our design center! You can “try-on” your linens, china, glassware and flatware before making your order.

Do you have an after-hours emergency number?+

Yes – if you have an event emergency occurring within the next 24-48 hours, please call us at (804) 592-1264. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.

What are your delivery charges?+

We charge a flat round-trip rate in the Richmond area - please call for pricing. For areas outside of Richmond, we calculate our fees based on mileage. After-hours fees will occur any day before 8am and after 5pm on our regularly scheduled days and on any Saturday or Sunday.

Do you offer setup and knock down as part of your services?+

We do offer this service for our table and chair rentals as an additional fee. Please call for pricing. If you have not arranged for this service in advance and your tables and chairs are not properly broken down, we will charge a breakdown fee.

Keep in mind, larger items such as tents, staging, dance floors, pipe and drape, and lighting already include setup and knock-down in the rental price.

We do not set up your linens, china, flatware, or glassware - this is typically done on the day of your event by you, your Caterer, your Venue, or your Planner. Bonus Tip: we do not recommend putting your linens on the day prior if your event is outside due to dew, bugs, etc.

Do you have any tents I can set up myself?+

Yes, a 10 x 10 popup on any surface (weights may be needed and are not included) or a 20 x 20 tent can easily be set up on a lawn or grassy area (requires staking in grass and stakes are provided – cannot be setup on asphalt or concrete.) Instructions on setup will be given at time of rental.

How many guests can we seat at a table?+

4-foot rectangle table: 2-4 guests
6-foot rectangular table: 6-8 guests
8-foot rectangular table: 8-10 guests

2-foot round table: 2 guests
3-foot round table: 2 for dinner and up to 4 bistro style
4-foot round table: 6-8 guests
5-foot round table: 8-10 guests
6-foot round table: 10-12 guests

2-foot square table: 2 guests
4-foot square table: 4 guests
5-foot square table: 8 guests

*If you are planning on a full place setting for your guests, the lower quantity of seats is going to best suit your needs.

Do you have children’s tables and chairs?+

Yes, we have children’s eight-foot rectangular tables that seat 10-12 children and children’s six-foot rectangular tables that seat 8-10 children. Our children’s tables are wooden or plastic and do NOT fold in half. The children’s chairs are all foldable and easily transported.

Do all of your chairs fold?+

No, Chiavari ballroom chairs, Chiavari Barstools and X-Back chairs are stackable (about 6 per stack). Our Vinyl chairs in black, white, tan, and our garden chairs in black, white, timberwood, and natural do all fold and stack easily.

How much skirting is required for a serpentine table?+

If you require the entire table skirted – (2) 10ft sections and (1) 60×120 for the top. If the table is set up in a corner, (1) 10ft section and (1) 3ft section with a 60×120 for the top. We do have fitted serpentine linens available as well and they fit the tables perfectly.

Please remember if multiple tables are placed end to end, we recommend you call one of our rental coordinator’s and we would be happy to advise the quantities per your layout.

How many glasses or plates should we order for an event?+

For a buffet, we usually recommend 1 ½ plates for each per person. For sit down dinners always order 10-20 extra just in case a piece is accidentally broken in serving or preparation. For glasses, we recommend at least (3) glasses per person.

How large of a dance floor should I order?+

As a general rule, one half to two thirds of your guests will dance at one time. Preferences for square foot per person vary from 5 square feet to 12 depending on what type of music will be played and who will be attending. For example, a 12×12 dance floor will serve approximately 32 guests and a 20x20 will serve approximately 84 at a traditional wedding if you want the floor "packed."

What is the width of a classroom table?+

Classroom tables are 18 inches wide and usually seat three people on one side at a six-foot table or four people on one side at an eight-foot table. Classroom tables are usually used for meetings or presentations.

Must we wash the dishes and glasses before returning them?+

You are not required to wash the dishes or glassware, but please wipe off any food with a wet cloth to avoid being charged a cleaning fee when you return the items. Your glasses should be emptied of any beverages or garnishes. Bonus Tip: our racks and crates come wrapped in plastic, open the plastic from the top and leave the plastic around the bottom and sides to help keep the drippings from getting on your floor or inside your vehicle if transporting.

Do we need to wash the linens after using them?+

No, you do not. The linens will come pressed and hung for your rental order, for no additional charge. We will also provide mesh bags for the return of the used linens. You simply shake the linens free of food and debris and place them in the mesh bags provided. We do ask that you return the hangers as well. Do NOT put soiled linens in trash bags as they will mildew and that may incur a charge.

Does a 100-cup coffee urn require a separate circuit?+

Each 100-cup coffee urn should each have a designated 15-amp circuit or it may trip the circuit breaker.

When renting a 100-cup coffee urn, is a filter necessary?+

No, there is a built-in filter in the unit.

What is the brewing time for a 100-cup coffee urn?+

The brewing time for a 100-cup coffee urn is one hour and you must fill with cold water, not hot water. One pound of coffee will make 55 cups of brewed coffee. This unit is a perk coffee maker, not a drip, and must use a designated line. Multiple units on the same line may cause the circuit breaker to trip.

Do we have anything other than grills to prepare food for a large outside event?+

Yes, in addition to our gas and charcoal grills, we have an electric convection oven, six-burner propane oven, and porta-bouya/propane tripods for deep-frying, stewing or steaming.

How much charcoal does the 2’ x 5’ grill hold?+

The grill holds 50 pounds of charcoal, which is not included in the rental.

How long will the propane grills burn?+

It depends on temperature but about 3 pounds per hour.

Can we keep the plates warm prior to serving a large seated dinner?+

Yes, we have Crescor food warmers and plate covers to keep the food warm until served. Please note, our Crescor is not electric, it requires sternos in the bottom along with a food pan of water for steam.

How long will a sterno burn in your chafers?+

Usually 2-3 hours, which should be long enough for most events. However, we can provide extra sterno on request for an additional charge.

How can we transport hot prepared food from the catering kitchen to the event location?+

Most caterers use our 4-pan, 6-pan or 8-pan insulated cambros, which transports food pans and maintains the warm temperature for several hours. Please do NOT use sterno inside of the cambros – it will melt the plastic.

What size table is used for wedding cakes?+

Depending on the setup and the size of the cake, a 3’ or 4’ round table can be used. We also have 4’ rectangular or 6’ rectangular tables for larger displays.

A hightop 30” round cocktail table is a fun way to display a smaller cake! OR, you can use our fancy new 36” square timberwood farm table for a more rustic look!

Tenting Questions

How big of a tent should I rent?+

The size of your tent will depend on many factors such as guest count, type of event (fully seated vs. cocktail style), will there be dancing under the tent, etc.? Our event consultants are happy to assist you with your needs and determining the perfect size tent for your event! We can create a 3D CAD drawing of how everything will fit inside of the tent that you can share with your other vendors as well. We also recommend a site visit, which we will do complimentary for you, to determine what size will fit in the event space.

Will I need a tent permit?+

Most counties and cities require a permit for any tents 900sq ft (a 30’ x 30’ tent) or over in size. We are happy to take care of the permitting for you or you may obtain the permit on your own. Be sure to speak with your event consultant for all requirements.

Do you have any tents I can set up myself?+

Yes, a 10 x 10 popup on any surface (weights may be needed and are not included) or a 20 x 20 tent can easily be set up on a lawn or grassy area (requires staking in grass and stakes are provided – cannot be setup on asphalt or concrete.) Instructions on setup will be given at time of rental. The 20x20 customer setup tent takes approximately 1 hour with 2 persons to set up.

Can you heat or air condition my tent?+

Yes, we do offer propane blower heaters in-house. You will need to enclose the tent with sidewalls, which are available in Clear, Window, or Solid. This helps contain the heat. Please note you may need additional power for these heaters onsite. We do not have air conditioners in-house, however we can obtain this for you through one of our vendor partners. Again, you may need additional power onsite.

Do you provide lighting?+

Yes – we do offer lighting inside all of our tents and there are many options to choose from. Please discuss your lighting needs with your rental consultant.

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