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Tent Washing

What is Tent Washing?

We offer commercial tent washing for canvas and vinyl tent tops and side walls. This service is needed when there is a lot of fabric or large pieces of fabric that need to be washed. We offer the service to private owners of tents as well as other rental companies.

The Price
Pricing varies on the time of season, the fabric that is being washed and the amount of fabric that is included in one order. We offer discounted rates on larger orders. Please Contact Us for a quote on the fabric you need washed.
The Process
1.We open the fabric and inspect it for damage.
2.If needed, we scrub the fabric using water and a specially formulated soap that is designed specifically for vinyl fabric (this step is almost always needed to get the tops looking like new).
3.We put the fabric in for one wash cycle, and two rises.
4.We hang all of the fabric until dry.
5.We inspect the fabric again and inform you of any damages and recommend repairs as needed.
6.We fold and roll the tops and put them back into their bags which are clearly marked for you when you pickup.
The Party Perfect Difference
We have been running professional tent washing services for over 10 years and we have the process down to a science. We actually scrub your fabric which will give it that new again look. We believe that the scrubbing process is the most important part of the wash and without it the fabric just does not come out nearly as nice. We also offer repairs to the tents while they are here so that when you get your tops and sidewall back they are in A quality shape and will be ready for your next event.