Tent and Party Rentals

Free Event Consultation

Our experienced rental coordinators can help you plan for every size and type of special event, from the most intimate dinner party to a charity event for 2,000. We’re here to help you figure out everything from tent rentals and linen sizing to multiple-site equipment coordination. Party Perfect is your one stop shop for all your special event rental needs.

Free Site Inspection

We’ll visit your site and make sure your tent, tables, chairs, flooring , and stages will be set up without running into into tree limbs, electrical wiring, uneven ground or any other unexpected glitches. We will help you maximize your space and recommend the right equipment to compliment your venue and meet your guests or clients needs.

Free Basic CAD Drawings

A visual diagram can simplify even the most complex events. Our 3D drawings are to scale, provide multiple perspectives, and even include environmental factors such as trees and power lines. Knowing that you will be able to fit everything under the tent or in a venue and hoping it will fit are two completely different feelings. Lets work together to make sure there are no surprises at the setup of your event.

Large Tent and Large Venue Permitting

Navigating regulatory agencies can be daunting and time-consuming. We can tell you which permit you need, expedite the process and will work with the inspectors when they arrive on-site. In many cases clients will choose to let Party Perfect handle the whole permit process for your event. Put our experience to work for you!

Delivery and Pickup

We offer Delivery and Pickup for any of the items in our event rental inventory. Delivery pricing is based off of the distance the site is located from our warehouse in Richmond, Va and the available time windows for delivery. Our delivery service area includes all of Virginia and the surrounding States. For larger events we may even travel farther than the standard service area. Learn More

Setup and Knockdown

Most of our large or complex rental items (tents, staging, lighting, heating, cooling, dance floor, event deck floor, ect.) include setup and knockdown in the pricing. All other rental items do not include setup and knockdown. We can provide custom installations for our equipment on a case by case basis.

On-site Technicians

You can relax knowing that someone is there to maintain the right temperature and ensure that the electrical power, lighting and generators operate smoothly. We also offer Technicians to operate concession equipment and move equipment from one site to another. Have a different scenario where you think our On-site Technicians can help? Please Contact Us to see how we can help.



We are here to help and in order to do that we may offer additional services that are outside of our day to day operations. We can install tent accessories such as liners, fans, lights and side wall into other structures. Many times we are able to help simply by clearing a room of furniture to make space for our rental equipment. Please Contact Us to let us know how we may be able to assist with your event.