Tent and Party Rentals

Process and Policy (8)

How soon before my event should I place my reservation?

We recommend you make your reservation at least three months prior to your event date for a large affair. To make a reservation, we ask for a deposit of 50% of the total rental for the party order and 50% on the tenting, and the balace is due 48 hours prior to delivery or day of pickup.

Is there a refund for unused equipment?

We do not issue refunds on unused equipment. Rental items and equipment are rented by time out, not time used.

What is a damage waiver?

Party Perfect offers an optional damage waiver to protect you against accidental breakage or damage to our equipment. We add it to the rental charges, but it is not taxed. Please save and return all broken or damaged items so the waiver can be applied. A damage waiver does not cover missing items; we charge full replacement cost for equipment you don’t return.

If you decline the damage waiver, we require a cash or credit card security deposit and will charge full replacement costs on all items that are broken, damaged or returned with permanent stains or other obvious damage.

How late can we adjust reservation quantities?

Quantities can be adjusted up to 48 hours prior to pickup or delivery depending on availability. If there are extenuating circumstances and an order needs to be changed within the 48 hour window prior to delivery we charge a $50 reprocessing fee to adjust the order.

Are deposits refundable?

If you decline damage waiver and you place a deposit in cash that deposit will be returned in full as long as no equipment is missing or damaged.

Once you have placed your non-refundable reservation payment it can not be refunded. If more than 50% of the rental cost has been deposited the amount over 50% is refundable.

Please contact us by phone if there are extenuating circumstances which result in having to cancel your reservation.

Is there a minimum order for delivery?

Yes, the combined order must be over  $100 November-April, July, and August and over $300 May, June, September, and October.

Why is there a damage waiver?

Damage waiver is an offered as an optional cost to protect the customer against accidental breakage or damage to equipment. (The customer must save and return all broken/damaged items for the waiver to take effect. Damage waiver does not cover mildew.) A full replacement cost will be charged for any missing items.

When damage waiver is declined, a cash security deposit is required or a Credit Card can be kept in file. Full replacement costs will be charged on all items that are broken, damaged or returned with other obvious damage.

How long will a sterno burn in your chafers?

Usually two to three hours, which should be long enough for most events. However, we can provide extra sterno on request

Rental Item Questions (22)

Do you have any tents I can setup myself?

Yes, a 10 x 10 popup on any surface (weights may be needed) or a 20 x 20 tent can easily be set up on a lawn or grassy area.

How many guests can we seat at a table?

6-foot rectangular table: 6-8 people
8-foot rectangular table: 8-10 people
2-foot round table: 2 people
2-foot square table: 2 people
3-foot round table: 2 for dinner and up to 6 bistro style
4-foot round table: 6-8 people
5-foot round table: 8-10 people
5.5-foot round table: 9-11 people
6-foot round table: 10-12 people

If you are planning on a full place setting the lower quantity of seats is going to best suit your needs.

Do you have children’s tables and chairs?

Yes, we have children’s eight-foot rectangular tables that seat 10-12 children and children’s six-foot rectangular tables that seat 8-10 children. The children’s chairs are stackable and easily transported.

Do all of your chairs fold?

No, chiavari ballroom chairs and x-back farm chairs are stackable (about 6 per stack). Our Samsonite chairs in black, white, tan, and our garden chairs in black, white and natural all fold.

How much skirting is required for a serpentine table?

If you require the entire table skirted 2 ten foot sections and 1 60×120 for the top. If the table is setup in a corner, 1 ten foot section and 1 three foot section with a 60×120 for the top. Please remember if multiple tables are placed end to end, we recommend you call a coordinator and we would be happy to advise the quantities per your layout.

How many glasses or plates should we order for an event?

For a buffet, we usually recommend one and one-half to two of each per person. For sit down dinners always order 10-20 extra just in case a piece is accidentally broken in serving or preparation.

How large of a dance floor should I order?

As a general rule 40% of your guests dance at one time. Preferences for square foot per person vary from 5 square feet to 12 depending on what type of music will be played and who be attending. For example a 15×16 dance floor will serve approximately 50 guests and a 16×18 will serve approximately 75 at a traditional wedding if you want the floor “packed”.

What is the width of a classroom table?

Classroom tables are 18 inches wide and usually seat three people on one side at a six-foot table or four people on one side at an eight-foot table. Classroom tables are usually used for meetings or presentations.

Must we wash the dishes and glasses before returning them?

No, but please wipe off any food with a wet cloth to avoid being charged a cleaning fee when you return the items.

How much chocolate does the chocolate fountain hold?

The fountain holds a maximum of 14lbs of chocolate. Each container serves approximately 50 guests. Please completely empty the fountain of chocolate after use and run hot water through the unit.

Does a 100-cup coffee urn require a separate circuit?

Each 100-cup coffee urns should each have a designated 15-amp circuit or it may trip the circuit breaker.

When renting a 100-cup coffee urn, is a filter necessary?

No, there is a built-in filter in the unit.

What is the brewing time for a 100-cup coffee urn?

The brewing time for a 100 cup coffee urn is one hour and you must fill with cold water not hot water. One pound of coffee will make 55 cups of brewed coffee. This unit is a perk coffee maker not a drip and must use a designated line. Multiple units on same line may cause circuit breaker to trip.

Are drip-less candles really necessary when ordering candelabras?

Most locations require drip-less candles because of fire codes and insurance. If you use wax candles most locations will require a glass globe to cover the flame. Party Perfect will charge an additional $10 cleaning fee per candelabra if returned with wax. Wax candles sometimes drip on the floor/carpeting and some locations require an additional cover to protect the floor/carpet.

Is the champagne fountain refrigerated?

No, the pulp free liquid must be refrigerated prior to placing in the fountain or you can chill the beverage with ice in a zip lock bag prior to the event.

Do we have anything other than grills to prepare food for a large outside event?

Yes, in addition to our gas and charcoal grills, we have an electric convection oven, six-burner propane oven and porta-bouya/propane tripods for deep-frying, stewing or steaming.

How much charcoal does the 2 x 5 grill hold?

The grill holds 50 pounds of charcoal.

How long will the propane grills burn?

It depends on temperature but about 3 pound per hour.

Can we keep the plates warm prior to serving a large seated dinner?

Yes, we have crescor food warmers and plate covers to keep the food warm until served.

I want to sauté at a serving station. Do you have any suggestions?

We offer single burner rechauds, which operate on a canister of butane fuel and will work great for crab cakes, bananas foster and other sautéed food.

How can we transport hot prepared food from the catering kitchen to the event location?

Most caterers use our four- or six-pan insulated cambros, which transports food pans and maintains the warm temperature for several hours.

What size table is used for wedding cakes?

Depending on setup and size of cake a 3 or 4 foot table is used for the wedding cake.