Tent and Party Rentals


In 1996 Party Perfect Richmond, Va was founded with the purchase of inventory from a local event rental store that was closing. Many of the key employees from the closing store jumped at the opportunity to have a fresh start within a smaller, locally focused, event rental company. The initial rental inventory purchase consisted of tents, tables, chairs, linens, table settings, staging, and catering equipment. The foundation of inventory and motivated team members is the catalyst of the success that Party Perfect has achieved today.

The Journey

Starting out was not easy, but that is the way it usually is when you begin something worth while. Many 80hr work weeks were put in by the owner and his new staff. The new inventory was not really new at all and there were countless hours spent, sanding, painting, repairing and cleaning to get the inventory up to the new quality standards of Party Perfect. Over time Richmond and the surrounding areas started to take notice of the new rental company and before we knew it there was a new (gratefully received) challenge; Keeping up with demand and growth of the Company! Over time new inventory was purchase in higher quantities and more diverse styles. Our old inventory was sold and new team members started to join Party Perfect. The growth allowed us to take advantage of new technologies and to become a trend setter in the event rental industry. Clients were thrilled with the new selections and the updated inventory.


We are still doing the same thing that we have been doing since 1996; working hard! Even with our rich history and success we still find new challenges to tackle and we are always looking for the next great rental item that our clients will go crazy over. Running a event rental business is complex, but being successful in this business is easy. We just ask “What would we want if we were in our clients shoes?”, then we figure out a way to make those things happen.