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Alien Pinball Game Rental
Alien Pinball Game Rental

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The alien pinball game is a combination between pinball and plinko which was made popular on "The Price is Right". Colorful miniature golf balls are loaded onto the right hand side of the game where the firing leaver is located. Pulling back on the leaver automatically loads the golf ball and fires it up into the main board. The ball bounces through a maze of pegs until it lands at the bottom or in one of the cups in the middle of the game. The person with the most points after all balls have been launched is the winner.

This carnival style game rental is great for  birthdays, carnivals, and fundraisers.

  • Ages three and up (Yes even adults love this game!)
  • Can be played on top of a table or on the ground.
  • 6' Tall! (24" Wide)
  • Easy to set up and folds to fit in the trunk of a car.

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